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Did you know?
Air conditioning vents that are pointed toward the ceiling can cause condensation and mildew in the unit directly above you?
We are aware of 2 units at Moondrifter that had so much moisture on their floor that they suspected a water leak.  In both of these instances, when the vents in the units  below were redirected away from the ceiling, the moisture problem went away.   Please be a good neighbor and keep your vents pointed away from  the ceiling.

Moondrifter was hit by a 20 foot storm surge during Hurricane Opal in October, 1995.  
It completely washed the foundation from under Units 101 and 102.  The floors collapsed bringing pipes down too all the way from the 8th floor.   Several other units and the east commercial office were also severely damaged.   Even though the condominium has flood insurance, owners should also consider both wind and flood policies (in addition to a condo owners policy) to be fully covered.   Check with your insurance agent.

The trash contract is for pickup of household waste only and it must be in the bin.  
Please do not stuff anything in the chutes that will hang between floors.   In addition, it is your responsibility to dispose of building materials and discarded furniture.   The association can be fined for waste that is not contained in the bin.

Your personal condo insurance should contain at least $2000 assessment coverage. 
This is now required by the state in case of an occurence, such as a hurricane,  that would likely result in a special assessment to owners.  Contact your insurance agent for additional information.

Your water heater should be replaced at least every 8 years. 
Look at the serial number.   The last 4 digits are normally the month and year it was manufactured.   If yours is over 8 years old, you risk having a problem and flooding your unit and ones below you.   

Shower pans are vulnerable to leaks. 
Especially if they have never been replaced.   Make sure it is sealed well to avoid leaks in the unit below you.

Our elevators are hydraulic. 
They go up and down on a piston - not chains, so even if they groan and rattle in cold weather, they cannot fall.

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