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Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions we hear most frequently from our owners.   This is not the same as the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers referred to by the Department of Condominium for prospective owners.   You will find a link to that sheet on the Reference tab.

Q - When is the next scheduled board meeting?
A - Saturday, December 10, 2016.  The main agenda item is will be adoption of the proposed budget for 2017.

Q -Have other Board of Directors Meetings been scheduled?
A - Yes:  Friday, January 27, 2017, Friday, May 5, 2017, Saturday, July 29, 2017 and Friday, September 15, 2017.

Q - When is the Annual Owners' meeting?
A - According to our docs, this meeting is always to be held on the 3rd Saturday of September.   In 2017, that date will fall on Saturday, September 16.  

Q - Who do I contact in case of emergency or malfunctions?
A -  The most commonly needed contact numbers that you may need in your condo are listed in this link.

Q - What kind of trash can I put in the dumpster?
A - Household trash ONLY.   It is the owner's responsibility to dispose of anything else (i.e. old appliances, mattresses, building materials, etc.) by either taking it to the landfill or arranging for haul off of old items when new ones are delivered.   Please don't put anything in the trash chute which might stick between floors.

Q - Do I need insurance on my unit?
A - You need to confer with an insurance agent licensed in Florida for assistance.   The association maintains fire, liability, wind and flood insurance as required by law, but those policies will not fully replace your unit in the case of a catastrophe and the coverage is different based on the type of casualty.   That's why you need to get advice from your own agent on your needs.   

Q - If I rent my unit, do I have to use a specific agency?
A - No.   As always, owners can use any rental agency of their choice, or can rent on their own; however, everyone must continue to enforce the Moondrifter Rules and Regulations regarding the minimum age for renters (25) and the no pets policy.

Q - I have a great idea for this website.   Who can make it happen?
A - Send your idea in an email to any of your Board Members and they will act on it.

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